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Trademark Application

Prepare Your Federal Trademark Application

Once you conduct a search and determine that your business name or logo is unique, protect it by applying for a trademark.

Our Trademark Application Service Includes:

  • Filing and submitting your trademark to the USPTO
  • Verification that your trademark is unique
  • Expert customer service and support

Claim your name and protect your business identity by filing a federal trademark application.

By filing a trademark application and registering it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ), a business can help protect their identity and prevent others from using their mark. Owning a trademark also helps customers easily identify goods and services in the marketplace.

A trademark is an important business asset that increases in value as that business and brand grows. It can be a name, a design, or a logo that distinguishes a company and emphasizes its uniqueness.

We can help you file a trademark application with the USPTO today and manage the application throughout the registration process .